Zero G Fighter - Developers Log 002

It has been a very busy time. This week I'm launching a crowd funding campaign, I am thinking real hard about submitting to Steam Greenlight, and I've asked the GameMaker Community Forum mods to move my ZGF's post in the alpha projects thread to the beta thread. (Update: Mods have granted my request!)

And plenty of development happened in the game this past week as well:

  • Heads Up Display elements have been redesigned
  • Energy Shield ability has been added
  • The main menu has been updated to support keyboard navigation (This also sets the stage for navigating menus when game pad support is added later)
  • A new logo for Zero G Fighter has been designed and added to the game
  • Tweaks and balances

Development Items coming up for this week are:

  • Homing Swarm Missile Abilty
  • Gamepad Support

That's all for now.

See you space cowboy...