Zero G Fighter - Developers Log 003

On Audience Building and Crowdfunding.

Last Tuesday I launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise some start up funds for Zero G Fighter. It is on going and you can view the details on the campaign website.

In addition to the campaign I recorded and shared my first game play video for Zero G Fighter.

I also added Zero G Fighter as a "concept" on Steam Greenlight. This is not a live Greenlight campaign but it is a good way to start engaging an audience and gauge interest.

Development Items Completed this Week:

  • Swarm Missile ability has been added
  • All Abilities charge and wait to be activated by the player
  • Q, E, and R will activate the Beam Weapon, Energy Shield and Swarm Missiles respectively
  • Skirmish mode now features randomized events

Dev items coming up:

  • Game Pad Support
  • Game Pad Options Menu