Zero G Fighter - Developers Log 001 (8 months late)

Yeah so... I've been working on Zero G Fighter for 8 months already and this will be my first dev blog entry.

Better late than never right?

Rather than waste a lot of time with back filling stuff I'm going to begin with the current events. Here goes:

I've roughed in the ability upgrade system in Zero G Fighter.

Enemies now drop an item that fill a power meter, that when full, spawns an upgrade. The upgrade, when gathered, replaces the secondary weapon with delicious beam weapon goodness for a limited time and then reverts.

The beam weapon, by the way, is stupid fun.

I plan to add additional defensive and offensive abilities and tie them into the game play. Balancing the time to earn the upgrade in a given mission type will be key. I want the player to have an opportunity to use the upgrades roughly two to three times during a mission without being totally OP.

Also I've upgraded all dropped items so that they move toward the player when the player proximity is within a radius of 200 hundred pixels or less. 

So you still need to move within range of a dropped object to gather that object. But, it is now a little easier and less dependent upon precision flight.

Additional updates:

  • Warpgates now provide useful player feedback so you visually see the time remaining until exiting a stage.
  • Boss stages now display an HP bar so players can visually gauge the enemy's remaining hp.
  • I made this dev log entry.