Zero G Fighter - Developers Log 008

While Zero G Fighter is not officially at 1.0 you can purchase early access to my fully operation battle station- er I mean Video Game is available at

Why Publish on

Zero G Fighter is content and feature complete. There are some lingering bugs and quality of life issues that I need to address but I wanted to get a purchasable version of the game out there to the public.. Early access allows folks to play the game and receive updates with each new build that is published. In the near future I have plans to expand ZGF's foot print to Game Maker: Player, maybe even Steam. But both of those market places require a review or community approval process. allows me to self publish as I see fit.

Why isn't the game free?

I have worked on Zero G Fighter as a second job for a year. This represents time away from family, chores, gaming, leisure and recreational activity, and also time that used to be allocated to paid freelance web development. Building ZGF is actually a loss of income for me even though I hope it is a better investment of my time and efforts in the long term.

I know I'm not alone out here in the wild. I know there are thousands of aspiring devs who want to make a living or augment their income with independently developed games. Those devs and I are not going to accomplish that by making games for free.

Maybe it will be better if I let Ron Swanson explain.

So Now What?

Over the next few weeks I hope to squash bugs, polish, and expand Zero G Fighter's footprint to other online market places. I have even contracted a developer and friend I worked with at a previous job to work on a mobile version of Zero G Fighter. I have played a working version on my Kindle and I'm really excited by the results.

Until next time...