Zero G Fighter - Developers Log 009

ZGF Mobile Development Continues.

Play tests on mobile devices are going well.  Button's are way too large in the screen shots below so I am continuing to iterate on the UI design. The big achievement is that all weapons and abilities are working very much like it's PC counterpart.

I Didn't Even Know ZGF Was Broken! But Now I'm fixing it.

Over the weekend I learned something crucial about how particle effects should be implemented in Game Maker. Much to my chagrin, Zero G Fighter has had a significant memory leak for the majority of it's development. (More like a raging memory river.) I was not cleaning particles and particle systems properly when done with them, so all of that info was hanging out in memory until the game choked and died. It's a real rookie mistake and I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary because MY PC was chugging along just fine.

I could kick myself 'cause my play testers where reporting poor performance and I just wasn't connecting the dots.

The leaks are being plugged. It a significant task but a new beta build will be made available to play testers and contributors later this week.