Zero G Fighter - Developers Log 007

Development on Zero G Fighter has shifted gears. Instead of pushing content, art, and new game play features (which often results in shiny screenshots or animated gifs) I now spend the majority of my time with menus, buttons, and save and load scripts.

This week I will debug and implement the final save system. For a feature that is just supposed to just save the last played level and a few variables to load into the next level it has really been a pain in the ass. Beware the "Cannot open another file (maximum exceeded)" error. I'm still working on trouble shooting that one.

So while the work doesn't result in visibly exciting things to share, it is really exciting to check off these tasks and move ever closer to finishing Zero G Fighter.

Development Tasks Completed

  • A new enemy and event type has been added to Skirmish Mode
  • A mission summary screen detailing kill count and score has been added to the successful completion of skirmish mode
  • Options Menu is complete and works but has a few bugs.
  • Music is fully integrated and the background music files were revised to be more seamless. (Thanks Albert!)
  • Save script has been rewritten to carry more variable from one play session to the next

Upcoming Development Tasks

  • Trouble shoot an debug save load scripts
  • trouble shoot and debug options/preferences scripts
  • Eliminate the "Cannot open another file (maximum exceeded)" error
  • Revisit the game pad inputs and improve the overall game pad feel