Zero G Fighter - Developers Log 005

For the last week I've had to scroll further and further down the task list to find outstanding items to work on. This is a good problem to have. As more items are ticked off little details spring to life in the game that make the whole thing feel more complete and robust.

I'm currently playing through the campaign missions and evaluating each one for revisions, enhancements, or totally redesign. This includes expounding upon mission text and objectives to be more immersive. While the game is still very much an arcade game I want the mission text and in game objectives to feel connected and give the player a sense of purpose.


I've also added controls diagrams that illustrate the keyboard and mouse controls or the gamepad controls depending on which is being use at the time. The game pad controls are still ... not great. I could very well be working on getting gamepad feel just right up until the game launches so I've stopped working on that for a time to push other areas that need attention.

So, work on he game continues but it's productive work that get's me closer and closer to a finished game.

Development Tasks Completed

  • HUD elements highlight when abilities are ready for use
  • All Skirmish mode special events are active
  • Events include Escort, VIP Target, and Enemy Surge
  • Allied Corvette in the escort missions is more vulnerable
  • Mission Failed and Mission restart messaging is clearly communicated
  • Allied Corvette's turrets are little smarter and fend off enemies more successfully
  • Reavers will now chase and attack allied Corvette
  • Enemy Fighters chase and attack allied Corvette
  • All asteroids and ship debris can be destroyed with any weapon or ability
  • When a target is designated Distance to target is now displayed in the top right HUD
  • Swarm missiles will favor chasing enemy fighter's until you are in close proximity to larger enemies. Then they will target the larger enemy.

Upcoming Development Tasks

  • More Play Testing and Campaign Mission Evaluation
  • Write and integrate mission text and objectives
  • Music, I'm working on the licensing but this will be coming soon.
  • Continue iterating on gamepad feel.

That's all for now.